Along with the development of the era of human civilization, the need for house is also growing. The house is not only a place to take a shelter, but a place that can accommodate three aspects. These aspects are comfortable, functionality and also have artistic value. Everyone needs all of these aspects but not everyone can create these aspects. We all know there is two people in this world, there is high class people or rich people and middle-low class people and to be honest, designing and decorating home not only for high class people, the middle-low class can do it too. The different is only the “way to do it” or “how to do it”.

We take for example, rich people they can pay for everything but they will not be able to create aspects of comfortable, functionality and artistic together in the design of their homes, they need people who have a profession to make it happen, namely professional Interior Designers, Home Designers, Home Decorators, Interior Decorator and Architect. The costs needed to pay professionals like them are very expensive, because their profession is paid based on an idea that links the three elements (Comfortable, Functionality, Artistic) which will be adjusted to what client want. Ideas that can unite these three aspects cannot be paid cheaply, because there is no cheap art, especially if the art can provide a comfortable and high functionality for users. In this case high class people or rich people paying some professional architect or designer to make it happen, that is the way they do it, that is how they do it.

Now how about middle-low class people? Can they do it too? The answer is “Definitely can do it” like it’s said before, for high class or rich people the way they do or how they do it is paying the professional and for the middle-low class people the way they do it or how they do is D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) and this wallpaper blog is certainly for that, giving the pictures or images collection for example or inspirations to every D.I.Y, designer, architect out there with the three aspects (Comfortable, Functionality and Artistic) for Home Design, Home Decoration and Architecture Design.